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I had been watching the Duc’s face; a first red flush had come creeping from under the roots of his beard, and had spread over the low forehead and the sides of the neck. The eye-glass fell from the eye, a signal for the colour to retreat. The full lips grew pallid, and began to mutter unspoken words. His eyes wandered appealingly from the woman beside him to me. I didn’t want to look him in the face. The man was a trafficker in human blood, an evil liver, and I hated him. He had to pay his price; would have to pay—but I didn’t want to see him pay it. There was a limit.
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Actually, grace is an important survival skill, but it is really also perishable. At any time so gradually right after we hit 30, muscle tissue we use to stand tall weaken. The length of our stride shortens, the speed of our measures slows, and visioncritical to coordinationbecomes fuzzier. Even menopause can make our gait a tad far more wobbly. "Aging, having said that, just isn't the only real purpose people drop their feeling of stability," suggests A. Lynn Millar, PhD, a professor of actual physical therapy at Andrews University. "Balance is really 'use it or drop it.' You may retain it should you stay energetic."

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